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The role of international urban cooperation in the creation of climate policies aimed at reducing emissions, adapting to climate change and/or protecting natural habitats (case studies of Barranquilla (CO), Belo Horizonte (BS), Hermosillo (MX)
Tuesday, 2. November 2021, 19:00 - 20:15
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Date, time:

2 Nov 19:00-20:15

Organisers and contacts

Tricia Hackett, IURC-Latin America, Leader of City to City Cooperation

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Objective of the event

The IURC programme funded by the European Union (DG Regio and FPI) aims to lead and develop a form of decentralised urban and regional cooperation, in the fields of sustainable urban development and innovation, as part of the second phase of the International Urban Cooperation Programme (2016-2020).

The objective of this session is to provide a space to explore and discuss the experiences of three Latin American cities participating in the new phase of IURC in relation to the creation of successful public policies and pilot projects for emission reductions, climate change adaptation and protection of natural habitats. Case studies will highlight the important role of international cooperation programmes in achieving these actions.

Representatives from the cities of Barranquilla (CO), Belo Horizonte (BS) and Hermosillo (MX) will present their plans, achievements, and challenges on their way to creating and implementing innovative climate policies with a focus on just transition and inclusive participation.


Representatives from the cities of Barranquilla, Belo Horizonte and Hermosillo will present how they have developed their policies and projects aimed at reducing emissions and adapting to climate change followed by a round table to discuss issues such as: How to meaningfully include vulnerable groups in shaping climate policy? Is the role of international cooperation in climate policy-making and projects important?

  • Barranquilla: the results and challenges of its partnership with Rome, Italy in the first phase of IURC and how the Mayor's Office is adapting the Italian experience in urban agriculture, working closely with vulnerable communities to implement a pilot production park.
  • BH: shared with Almada (PT) experiences on management models for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and financing mechanisms. It reformulated its Climate Change and Eco-efficiencies Committee, generating greater commitment from important actors in the public and private sectors, academia, and civil society.
  • Hermosillo: the first Green Infrastructure Guidelines Manual in Latin America and a Technical Standard mandating its application.  Plans and challenges to transfer the methodology to other global cities.





Stephanie Horel Program Manager at the EU Delegation in Brasilia European Comission

Manuel Trujillo Saad

Head of International Relations 

Mayor's Office of Barranquilla, Colombia  

Hugo Salomão França

Director of International Relations

Mayor's Office of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Arch. Guadalupe Peñúñuri Soto

Director of RPS, Sociedad Creativa and Advisor to the Hermosillo City Council

Hermosillo City Council

Agenda of the event



Exhibitor / panellist / facilitator / other

19:00 Opening words Stephanie Horel



Edgardo Sara - Facilitator


Case Study of Barranquilla

Manuel Trujillo Saad – Exhibitor


Case Study of Belo Horizonte

Hugo Salomão França - Exhibitor


Case Study of Hermosillo

Arch. Guadalupe Peñúñuri Soto - Exhibitor

19:50 – 20:15 


Manuel Trujillo Saad - panellist


Hugo Salomão França – panellist


Arch. Guadalupe Peñúñuri Soto - panellist


Edgardo Sara - Facilitator

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Team in charge of communication and attention to the press

Edgardo Sara, IURC-Latin America, Deputy Team Leader

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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