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Participation of youth in the climate agenda: Voices from Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Friday, 5. November 2021, 11:45 - 13:00
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Date, time:

5 November, 11:45-13:00

Organisers and contacts

Maria Jarvio, Unión Europea

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Objective of the event: 

To analyse the achievements, challenges and perspectives, as well as the tools available to young people on their way to influencing the climate agenda.

Brief description

Different experiences from the European Union and Latin America will be presented at the event, such as those of Francisco Vera Manzanares, a 12 year old boy from Colombia who courageously disseminates ideas and values that prioritise climate action and sustainability; Daniela Miranda, a young negotiator of the Chilean delegation to COP26 who has the opportunity to bring the voice of young people from Chile to this global framework of climate decisions, the experience of young people pushing for greater ambition in European policies and Horst Pilger, head of sector at the European Commission - DG INTPA - who will bring experiences of how the European Union is working with the governments of its partner countries to include youth empowerment and participation in their climate governance processes.





Francisco Vera Manzanares 


12-year-old Climate Activist, founder of the ‘Guardians for Life’ movement 

Guardians for Life - Colombia

Daniela Miranda / Marco Yañez Marin (Chile)

Chilean negotiating delegation to COP26

MMA Chile

Horst Pilger

Head of Sector


Agenda of the event



Speaker / panellist / facilitator / other


Description of the event (framing) and presentation of the panellists

Guillermo Dascal/ moderator 


Children's climate activism and its challenges in the Latin American context

Francisco V. Manzanares /speaker


The participation of youth in climate negotiations. 

Daniela Miranda / Speaker


The experience of young people from the European Union

Speaker/ tbc


Youth empowerment and participation. Initiatives from the European Union and EUROCLIMA+.

Horst Pilger / Speaker

12:30 13:00 

Questions from the public. Round of final reflections of the panellists

Guillermo Dascal / Moderator

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