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Supporting multi-level cooperation for implementation of transport strategies in NDCs
Friday, 12. November 2021, 14:30 - 15:30
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Date, time:

12 November 14:30 - 15:30 Glasgow 


EU Pavilion, Blue Zone


SLOCAT, EUROCLIMA+, GIZ (NDC-TIA, TraCS, Moving Chile), Mobilise Your City

Description: The side event will focus on multi-level cooperation for implementation of the transport aspects of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) at all levels of governance. It will highlight the EU’s and other global actors’ central role in supporting the coordination of different levels of government to accelerate NDC implementation through sustainable, low carbon transport. The focus of the event will be regional case studies highlighting different forms of cooperation to implement the transport aspects of NDCs from Latin America, Asia, and Africa, providing an opportunity for cross-regional peer learning. A publication on lessons learned from a recent GIZ peer-peer learning activity in LAC will also be presented.


Moderator -  Juan Carlos Muñoz, Professor, Department of Transport and Logistics Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Member of the Scientific Committee for Climate Change of the Ministry of Science of Chile

Latin America and the Caribbean - Chile: Carolina Simonetti, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication, Hugo Pizarro, Regional Government of Antofagasta

Asia - Shri Sudhendu J. Sinha, Adviser (Infrastructure Connectivity & Electric Mobility), NITI Aayog, Government of India

Africa - Kenya: Esther Gacanja, Climate Change Desk Officer/Senior Economist at the State Department of Transport, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, Kenya

SLOCAT Partnership - Emily Hosek, Director, Knowledge Analysis

To access the online-streaming of the event, you can create an account on the COP26 European Union Side Events platform.


Time Topic  

14:30 - 14:35

Opening, introduction to event

Juan Carlos Muñoz (moderator) - IN PERSON

14:35 - 14:42

Launch of peer-peer learning publication (Moving Chile)

Carolina Simonetti - VIRTUAL

Panel 14:42 - 15:18

Guiding Questions for Panelists:


●     How do you coordinate your work with other levels of government and/or sectors to help deliver transport and climate goals?

●     What are some of the main challenges you have encountered in coordinating with other levels of government/ministries?

●     What did you do to overcome some of these challenges and strengthen multi-stakeholder coordination to deliver on transport and climate goals?

●     How has or could the EU and other international actors help you to achieve this?


14:42 - 14:50

Asia Case Study

Shri Sudhendu J. Sinha - IN PERSON

14:50 - 14:58

Africa Case Study

Esther Gacanja - IN PERSON

14:58 - 15:06

LAC Case Study

Hugo Pizzaro - VIRTUAL

15:06 - 15:18

Moderated cross-regional discussion


Questions to panelists:

●     Do you think it is useful to exchange experiences on this topic across regions (LAC, Africa, and Asia?) What would be useful for you to know about the work of your peers in other regions?

●     How do you think international cooperation can help support this exchange?

●     Do you have any questions for the other panelists?

Juan Carlos Muñoz and all panelists

End of Panel



15:18 - 15:25

Support to countries and cities on the implementation of transport in NDCs

Emily Hosek - IN PERSON


Summary of key messages and closing

Juan Carlos Muñoz - IN PERSON


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